SRDA is a think and do tank for the 21st century, with a strong focus on information and communication technologies.

What is SRDA?

SRDA is an independent, non-profit body which brings together experts to identify, address and evaluate both the challenges imposed by the new digital environment and opportunities to let the same digital environment become the helping hand when it comes to providing tangible and sustainable solutions for those concerns as well as non-digital social issues.

Areas of activity

The Center is an independent platform for the exchange of views and expertise in the ICT-related areas of privacy, security, child safety, education and health, combining networks of experts from academia, industry and politics. It brings together experts to provide input, share knowledge and develop strategies to address social concerns and new technologies, serving the consumer at large.

The SRDA paradigm

The SRDA paradigm consists of narrowing down issues in multi-perspective plenary sessions first, then establishing small task forces of specialized experts focusing on the respective issue. The SRDA approach with its result-oriented, flexibly composited working groups of experts in specific fields hence is highly adaptive to the fast changing technology and socio-economic development.

Latest news

Conference of Awareness Raising Campaign Employ me 4 & 5 April 2017 Diepenbeek (Belgium)

The exchange of experience conference – ‘Employ me’ will be held from April 4th to April 5th 2017 in Diepenbeek, Belgium. Participants from 9 countries of EU (Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Belgium) will present good practices in Roma employment.   In the framework of the PAL European project (cofounded by the […]

“Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in EU” (PAL), JUST/2014/RDIS/AG/DISC/8115 March 2017

“EMPLOY ME” INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Diepenbeek, April 4th – 5th 2017. The awareness raising event “Employ me!” will be organized next  4th and 5th of April 2017 in Diepenbeek, Belgium. Some of the topics will be: Employment rights for Romani people, Employment and economic alternatives for Roma in EU, Social entrepreneurship, IT sector for economic alternatives for Roma, […]


IT IS NOT TOO LATE Praha Conference Press Release On 17 and 18 January It is not too Late Conference was held in Prague (Czech Republic) in the framework of PAL project. Conference was organized by RomPraha and was a great opportunity for exchanging experiences and best practices among PAL project partners, public and institutional […]

SRDA Newsletter – February 2017

The PAL Project –  SRDA is one of the 23 partners forming a European network dedicated to fighting discrimination of the vulnerable groups of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers. The PAL network is in charge of implementing PAL project, a DGJUST funded project, dedicated to “Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in the EU”. […]

PAL Project: Expert Conference “It’s Not Too Late” on 17-18 Jan 2017

On 17 and 18 January 2017 in the Town Council of Prague experts from many countries of Europe are going to meet in order to discuss the issue of school inclusion of Roma children. “It is not too late”-Conference, organized by RomPraha, is an opportunity to share at EU level all the best initiatives taken […]

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