How much do you know about the largest minority in Europe? 6 million live in the EU. Most of them are EU citizens.

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“Inclusive Education for Roma Youth” TRAINING COURSE

5-15 August 2017. Craiova , Romania. The course will prepare a group of trainers who will learn how to run complementary activities in schools with Roma pupils so to raise attractiveness of school at such a level of being able to multiply it in their own realities.

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23/06/2017. Consorzio Innopolis organized the third and last training event open to Roma youth to implement their employability opportunities. Participants were told how to draw up a CV, how to manage a job interview, how to look for a job. After training session participants got the opportunity to carry out some job interviews with business (working in the field of touristic accommodation, catering and social research)

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A teacher talks about his Roma students

“With their effort, they broke the “obvious“, what we all say and hear, that the Roma have a cultural incompatibility with the school”, says Angelos Hatzinikolaou, the teacher of the 5th Intercultural Elementary School of Menemeni (in Dendropotamos) referring to the education of 15 Roma adults, who will tomorrow hold their primary school leaving certificate.

Angelos Hatzinikolaou, modest and mediocre, despite having devoted his life to Roma education, says that “our society does not have to rely on inspired saviors”. He believes that a school is based on a set of people, the school community, made up of teachers, parents, children and society.

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The Guide was produced within the project “Development of the National Roma Platform for Consultation and Dialogue on Roma Issues”, implemented by the National Center for Social Solidarity with the co-financing of the EU (Program “Rights, Equality and Citizenship 2014-2020”).

The role of experiential education and experiential workshops as good practice of communication between Roma and non-Roma.

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22.06.2017 Informative events to support and enhance entrepreneurship. ANATOLIKI SA, in cooperation with the Inter-municipal Agency of Western Countryside of Thessaloniki “KEK Nefeli”, organized  empowerment Events entitled “Entrepreneurship & Employment” on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at the Sindos Conference Center of the Municipality of Delta (Alexandros Papagou 7, Sindos).

The subject of events is to inform Roma people about the skills needed and the first steps in starting a business.  Read more

SRDA 2nd PAL Roundtable, 12 June 2017, Brussels – BARRIERS TO LABOUR MARKET, IT IS A VICIOUS CIRCLE‘

12.06.2017 The 2nd Roundtable on ‘Barriers to Labour Market, It is a Vicious Circle’ was held in Brussels.

The Roundtable was organised by the Center for Social Responsibility in the Digital Age (SRDA) and brought together representatives from the European Commission (Directorate D/ Equality, DG JUST), representatives from the civil society (at national and European level such as ERIO, Equinet, EPLO), law students and professionals from the private sector (Specialist Regulatory Policy & Strategy, Legal consultants) as well as the SRDA founding members (Lawyer, PhD in Child Psychology, Educator and Educational Programme Manager).

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