On 17 and 18 January 2017 in the Town Council of Prague experts from many countries of Europe are going to meet in order to discuss the issue of school inclusion of Roma children. “It is not too late”-Conference, organized by RomPraha, is an opportunity to share at EU level all the best initiatives taken at local level to foster school inclusion of Roma children and evaluate their replicability and transferability as well as to contribute to public policies towards a more effective integration.

The conference will be carried out within the frame of the PAL project (cofounded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of European Union), a project that aims to address the issue of anti-Gypsyism and to improve the level of social inclusion of Roma people. The consortium consists of 19 full partners (including SRDA) and 4 associate partners, coming from more than 10 European countries. During the conference each partner will present best practices, 19 experts of the PAL partners will be involved. At least 100 people at local level, including teachers, trainers, representatives of local authorities, Roma people and Roma support organisations, will participate; a web streaming will be available.

Contact person: Lucie Kovacova (RomPraha) – goralad@seznam.cz