SRDA. Knowledge and ideas for the 21st century.

SRDA conducts projects on its own, but is available for short-term contract research, expertise as well as commissioned work and activities.

Research & Studies

With a pool of well-renowned researchers, academics and practitioners, the SRDA is able to provide independent state-of-the-art expertise when it comes to solving issues of the 21st century. The main focus of the center is to provide technology-based solutions to social issues, whether those have been caused by technology themselves or not.

Services in this field reach from short-term expertise to medium- and long-range academic projects using modern and innovative methodologies.

Workshops, Roundtables & Symposiums

Sometimes it’s efficient to put together people from different areas of practice and perspectives on neutral ground to break out of the box and see possible solutions that haven’t been thought of yet. One of the SRDA’s strengths is to identify those people in a number of research, political and industrial areas and conceptualize the right approach to find that solution you haven’t come across yet.

The forms of such circumventions differ, depending on the issue at hand as well as the wanted output of the meeting. Of course, combinations of a meeting with another form of SRDA’s services is possible.

Consultancy & immediate expertise

Sometimes it’s clear but you just miss the forest for the trees. For specific enquiries in the fields of its activities, the SRDA is able to provide thorough analysis, tangible assessments and innovative ideas, even in case of short-term requests.

Areas of Interest