SRDA 2nd PAL Roundtable, 12 June 2017, Brussels – BARRIERS TO LABOUR MARKET, IT IS A VICIOUS CIRCLE‘

The 2nd Roundtable on ‘Barriers to Labour Market, It is a Vicious Circle’ was held in Brussels, on 12 June 2017. The event was funded by the Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme, the PAL project ‘Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in EU’ (PAL) JUST/2014/RDIS/AG/DISC/8115.


The Roundtable was organised by the Center for Social Responsibility in the Digital Age (SRDA), one of the project’s partners, and brought together representatives from the European Commission (Directorate D/ Equality, DG JUST), representatives from the civil society (at national and European level such as ERIO, Equinet, EPLO), law students and professionals from the private sector (Specialist Regulatory Policy & Strategy, Legal consultants) as well as the SRDA founding members (Lawyer, PhD in Child Psychology, Educator and Educational Programme Manager). In total, there were expected 15 participants– 3 of them cancelled their participation, before the meeting (an important note concerning the attendance and near future plan to cover over the the required audience, is mentioned at the end).

 The participants had the chance to elaborate on the topic ‘Barriers to Labour Market, It is a Vicious Circle’ during an animated group discussion which covered the aims of the Roundtable 1) to support the development of national strategies for Roma integration; 2) to support the employment of Roma community; 3) to discuss the existing labour market barriers and explore the ways to improve the integration of Roma population, in the EU.

The Roundtable participants looked not only at the various types of obstacles presented by the system in place, but also at the accomplishments and potential improvements, in relation to the Roma community, in European Union. There was a brief summary of related EU legal aspects, made by Spyros Pappas (SRDA), followed by a presentation by Marta Pinto (ERIO), and an engaging dialogue, where everyone had the chance to learn more about the opinions of the EC, represented by Johan ten Geuzendam. There were also valuable inputs made by Tamas Kadar (Equinet), who was the guest speaker at the 1st Roundtable in April, as well as interesting comments and information shared by Panos Gredis (EPLO), Matti Alderson (FireHorses Ltd), Dr Arthur Pober (SRDA), and the other guests.



The importance of dialogue and collaboration across the EU countries was stressed several times during the event, and everyone agreed.

Overall, it was a productive, interactive roundtable session, which SRDA will summarize and use as strategy for future endeavours, contribution related to the good progress and more concrete results, for the integration of Roma Community in the labour market. It will cover subjects in the field of education— education representing the foundation for the inclusion of a minority population in an existing system— also, employment and services (e.g. health) leading to a better quality of life, for the Roma population.

 Concluding note related to the attendance on 12 June, and SRDA’s near future plan to extend the number of participants, going beyond 20 people (the project’s required audience):

As a conclusion of SRDA’s internal analysis following the event, which showed that the fruitful group discussion had many beneficial elements, adding value to the project’s objectives, SRDA decided to repeat the 2nd Roundtable, sharing the same topics and dialogue (same agenda), in smaller groups. The results of the latter activities will be reported back to the PAL leadership after they cease— that is, before September. SRDA will provide: the Participants’ list, the Evaluation Report and the Results.


20-06-17, SRDA contribution to PAL (June) Newsletter

Irina Little